Push declined due to email privacy restrictions error for GitHub sync in Visual Studio Code

If you have experienced Visual Studio Code at least for simple script editing and tried to connect to GitHub as source control, probably you had a problem with sync because of this error in log output:

remote rejected] master -> master (push declined due to email privacy restrictions)

Fix: Simply uncheck “Block command line pushes that expose my email” box in your email settings and then pushing again.

Unlicenced O365 product with red bar notification?

You have activated O365 paid licences, but after some time red bar notification is present in all Office applications? Let me explain the easiest way to fix that problem:

  1. Close all Microsoft Office applications
  2. Run Word as “Administrator” (right-click and choose Run as admin)
  3. Navigate to File > Account > User Info and choose “Sign out”, then “Sign In” again
  4. Restart Word

How to move existing O365 users to Enterprise Agreement?

  1. After paying for the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, there should be an email which confirms the information that you have successfully bought it. In that email, there is a link that will lead you to bind the licenses with your Office 365 subscription.
  2. Click that link and there will be the page asking for your existing Office 365 administrator account credentials.
  3. Finish the process with the wizard.
  4. Then you can sign in to Office 365 admin center to assign the licenses to your existing users and then reduce the “previous” licenses if necessary.