How to manage RSS options on SharePoint site?

In a few SharePoint implementations, clients asked about managing RSS? RSS settings for each site are available under Site Settings РRSS, with options to enable or disable RSS for site collection or site and copyrights parameters. All you have to do is to select or deselect those check boxes.

How to hide new pages in managed metada navigation?

When you use managed metadata options for global navigation on SharePoint site, you may face the problem with new pages. By default it is automatically visible next to regular top navigation items. In many cases, we need to hide those pages.


Simply, deselect option “Add new pages to navigation automatically” as shown on image. Good luck!

Multiple Office 365 subscriptions and cancellation?

If you have multiple Office 365 subscriptions (for example E3 licences bought directly by credit card and E3 licences allocated via Enterprise agreement) and you need to cancel direct Office 365 subscription paid by credit card, the main question is how to switch those licenses without loosing mailbox and other settings?


It is very simple!


After cancelling the direct Office 365 subscription, system will recognize EA licenses automatically. You can contact your regional billing support team to proceed subscription cancellation.